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For speaking events, choose a PA system rental which includes speakers, cabling and your choice of microphone. For amplifying an audio source such as a laptop or iPod, choose from our sound system rentals which include speakers and mixers to connect directly into your audio source.


We come and install. You dont have to worry about anything else and just enjoy your event using the best lighting and sound.


We have all top of the quality equipment: Digital Mixer, microphones, mic stands, cables. LED lights, QSC speakers, etc.

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Professional Sound Mixer

We provide high quality entertainment and customer service that is essential to the success of your special event. Weddings are one of the lifeblood of our industry and the central focus of our live performance work. The musicians and artists here at UM+E are dedicated to making each event played a memorable and musical celebration.


We offer multiple bands sized to fit every party and every budget, we work in collaboration with clients like you to create a unique musical menu for your special night. We also offer a variaety of cultural entertainment like spanish, portuguese, indian, etc.

Check out our list of:



There’s nothing like celebrating the most special day of the year with Fantasia Costumed Characters. What could make your child’s birthday more memorable than their favorite lookalike mascots turning up to their birthday party? Fantasia Characters provides the highest quality lookalike mascots manned by professional entertainers.


These party professionals are ready for your child’s party, corporate events, promotional events, etc. Watch guests and your child’s face light up when they see them! #Priceless


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