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UM+E Offers different Live Music Entertainment options where you can choose from. We have selected bands and musicians we have worked with before and have left great impression in our clients.

Orquesta La Grande del North West

"We make you dance with our top 40 Latin grooves and bring an unbelievable energy to your event" 

La Grande del North West tropical band is a 8-11 piece live show of Latin/tropical music (salsa, merengue, bachata, latin pop, etc) arising under the executive direction of Elimar Ugueto, lead singer that, after singing for many years spanish pop music and then belonging to a tropical local salsa band for one year, decided to start her own project to implement new ideas on live productions and start recording original music in studios. This great band was a great revelation in 2012 when it was founded on the West Coast of the United States playing in only 9 months more than 40 shows, including important fairs, weddings, birthday parties, etc. This 2013, Orquesta la grande have been one of the most active Orquesta playing in numerous local important Fairs, clubs & private parties all around in Washington State. Also played in Oregon and cities like Tri-Cities in eastern Washington. Get ready to celebrate your special occasion, dance and enjoy our music "a lo GRANDE" !

Elimar En Acústico

"We are a trio full of the most beautiful and popular spanish songs you can hear and enjoy" 

For Lounge Latin Music Background to corporate events and create an ambiance of beautifil popular latin balads you have nowhere else to go.


Elimar en Acústico creates the most beautiful latin lounge atmosphere with two versatile piano and guitar players. They can also arrange a quartet with another percusion musician if needed. We play covers from Gypsy Kings to Shakira!

Buena Vibra

Launched on July 2012, Buena Vibra Sextet is a Seattle-based salsa band with an amazing repertoire specially compiled for those dancers who love to move their bodies to the rhythms of Salsa, Mambo, Cha Cha Cha, Guaguanco, and Bolero. Buena Vibra is comprised of some of the most talented and experienced musicians in the Pacific Northwest, all who bring great value to the quality and the dynamics of the sound. Buena Vibra has performed in a wide range of venues, from crowds of thousands of professional and amateur dancers to smaller more personal events. Featuring pianist Fred Hoadley, bassist Ben Verdier, vibraphonist Scott Ketron, timbalero Sam Alamillo, bongocero Steve Guasch, and congero and lead vocalist Joe De Jesús.

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