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La Grande del North West tropical band is a 7-10 piece live show of Latin music

La Grande del North West tropical band is a 7-10 piece live show of Latin/tropical music (salsa, merengue, bachata, latin pop, etc) arising under the executive direction of Elimar Ugueto, lead singer from Venezuela. The band members are all over the world: Philippines, Mexico, USA, etc. This great band was a great revelation in 2012 when it was founded on the West Coast of the United States playing in only 9 months more than 50 shows. Orquesta la grande have been one of the most active Orquesta playing in numerous local important Fairs, clubs, corporate events & private parties all around Washington State, Easter WA and Oregon. Get ready to celebrate, dance and have fun with this high energy band "A lo GRANDE"!



Founder and lead singer of Orquesta La Grande del North West. Elimar began singing since age 5. One of her greatest accomplishment in her career as a singer was performing in a velodrome over 60,000 people at "La Feria de San Sebastián" in Venezuela where it was nationally televised in the famous "Sensational Saturday" TV Show. Elimar founded her first band in 2004 in the United States where she was the lead singer. With her band "E276" (pop and alternative) achieved in just four years tours throughout the west coast of the United States. She co-produced 2 record productions "Who's Who" and "A Day Like Today". Songs from her first production "Who's Who" have been used for television and radio commercials. The first 3,000 copies were sold in one year. Elimar decided to explore tropical music in 2011 with a local band playing all around Seattle and the state of Oregon. In 2012 she decided to start her own band and this is when La Grande was founded. Elimar's versatile and powerful voice accompanied by unparalleled charisma make even the most boring stand up, that's what characterizes this beautiful woman with a unique energy on stage.


Jake Sele graduated with a bachelor's degree in Piano Performance and Composition from Cornish College of the Arts in 2013 and has quickly become an established performer in the Seattle music scene. Jake has toured throughout the United States and Canada playing piano/keyboards (as well as the occasional trombone) and performs with salsa, rock, funk, jazz, experimental groups, and more. In his work as a musician, Jake has composed and arranged for musicals, funk groups, salsa bands, classical ensembles, and experimental groups.


Jorge is a bassist who have perfomed since a young age touring in México.


Independent Drummer/Percussionist. Stuart is an autodidactic percussionist that developed his style playing different genres of music in Mexico. At age of 15 he started working and touring as a drummer and few years later as percussionist.

Attended different summer music programs and workshops at "Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México", Superior Music School of México City and Berklee College of Music. 

Stuart has participated in different projects playing Rock, Salsa, Funk, Jazz and others different styles in Mexico and USA. He teaches drum and percussion clinics, workshops and privates classes. He has been working as accompanist for dance classes and performances since 1999. His personal project PERCUSIONANDO is a wide mix of drums, percussions and beats.  With this project  he recorded a Cd titled Naturaleza Humana (Human Nature) using just percussions and Drums celebrating drumming around the world. He teaches percussion and drumset at Seattle Drum School of Music as well as private lessons and after-school programs.


Born in Seattle, Erneto has been a professional percussionist since 1973, in genres of jazz, dance, salsa and more. Ernesto plays Latin drums, Brazilian folk and other percussion instruments from around the world. Ernesto lived in Denver Colorado where he played for six years with his own band "Seattle Rhythm Band". Ernesto returned to Seattle in early 1980 and was a crucial part of the explosion and the development of salsa and live music. Their participation in groups such as Brawl, Latin Expression, Cambalache, Yerba Buena, Sonando, the Son of the Group, spread over 40 years as a percussionist. Ernesto has been the creator of promotional tools to publicize and promote Latin music in all its forms and with non-profit organizations of the Hispanic and Filipino community in the Pacific Northwest. Ernesto is an educator and a designer / inventor of many percussion instruments and related goods drums, percussion and stereos.


Born and raised in Seabeck WA, Carey Rayburn received his Bachelor's Degree in Trumpet Performance at the University of Washington and shortly after began playing with all sorts of disreputable groups around Seattle.

Currently Carey spends his time playing as a freelance artist, doing studio recordings, musicals, writing and performing original arrangements, teaching trumpet performance. and running his own band, the Electro Swing group Good Co.


Raised in the wilds of suburban Cascadia, Jamie Paulson benefitted from strong local music education programs to become one of the more versatile and in-demand trombonists in Seattle. Jamie performs regularly with a number of jazz, funk, Latin, and pop groups.


OR CALL +1 (206) 383 5930
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