Elimar Ugueto is a talented, versatile, beautiful and charismatic entrepreneur young woman who began singing at age 5 when her passion for microphones and media began. One of the greatest satisfactions in her career was singing to 50,000 people in a velodrome, an event that was nationally televised via the most-watched TV program in Venezuela "Sábado Sensacional" by Venevision.

Elimar founded her band “E276” in Seattle in 2004, where she was the leading vocalist. In just four years, her band E276 achieved tours throughout the West Coast of the United States. E276's first production “Quien es Quien” (Who is Who) has been used for radio and television commercials. Furthermore, the initial 3000 printed copies were sold in one year. Elimar decided to sing Latin tropical music in 2012 since there was a significant demand in the area. This is when she founded Orquesta "La Grande del North West" now called "Elimar's Orquestra"; They have played more than 200 shows up to 2019. Elimar also leads a smaller Spanish Live Acustic Music Show and a Solo Show "Elimar Music".

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